Новый Chromebook Pixel: мощнее, дешевле и по-прежнему непрактично

Как и ожидалось, Google анонсировала обновленную версию своего дорогого Chromebook Pixel на Chrome OS. Визуально гаджет практически не изменился: все такой же металлический корпус с минимальными изменениями и двумя портами USB Type-C, помимо двух более привычных USB 3.0. В Chromebook Pixel используется все тот же 12.85-дюймовый сенсорный дисплей с разрешением 2560×1700 и Gorilla Glass.

Внутри установлены процессоры Intel Core i5 и Core i7 с тактовыми частотами 2.2 ГГц и 2.4 ГГц соответственно (стандартная версия и LS Ludicrous Speed), графика — Intel HD Graphics 5500. Объем оперативной памяти — 8 или 16 ГБ, а SSD-накопителя — 32 и 64 ГБ. Из беспроводных модулей имеются Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac и Bluetooth 4.0. Клавиатура имеет подсветку, тачпад, как и в прошлой версии, сделан из стекла.

Помимо USB-портов имеется комбинированный аудиоразъем и слот для карт памяти SD. Возможен вывод видео на внешние мониторы в 4K по DisplayPort и HDMI через переходники с USB Type-C. Обещают до 12 часов автономной работы от одного заряда аккумулятора и 2 часа после 25-минутной быстрой зарядки.

Цена уменьшилась с $1300 до $1000, хотя существенно это суть вопроса не меняет: Chrome OS по-прежнему малопригодна для работы и ноутбук, несмотря на вкусные характеристики больше похож на дорогую игрушку для сотрудников Google.

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Скрыть пресс-релиз

Two years ago, Google introduced the first Chromebook Pixel. The idea was to bring together the best in hardware, software and design to inspire the next generation of Chromebooks. It’s been exciting to see how the entire range of Chromebooks-from classroom-proof to high-end-has made a difference to people at school, at home, and at work. Today, we’re introducing an updated and more powerful Pixel to fuel the imaginations of another wave of Chromebook enthusiasts. Plus, we’ve created a new, online Google Store where you can get the Pixel and other devices made with Google, all in one place. 

These days, packing for a trip means remembering to bring all your different chargers-for your phone, laptop, tablet, watch, etc. We think you should be able to use just one charger for all your electronics. So for the new Pixel, we’ve joined forces with some of the biggest names in the industry to create a new standard for charging, called USB Type C. The Pixel is one of the first products to launch with this new standard, with more Chromebooks and Android devices following suit soon.

Not only does Type-C enable multi-device charging, but it also allows high-speed data and display over the same connector and cable. It’s small enough to work with smartphones, powerful enough to charge computers, and conveniently symmetrical (no more guessing which side is up!). Speaking of symmetry, the new Pixel doesn’t just have one Type C port-it has two, one on each side, so you can plug in wherever is convenient. 

Thoughtful design
Like the original Pixel, the new Chromebook has a high-resolution touchscreen, a sleek aluminum body, and smooth glass trackpad. We’ve also made a few other enhancements, including a new wide-angle camera lens. 

Of course, the Pixel is also great on the inside. It’s got a powerful Intel Core i5 with 8GB RAM and a 32GB SSD. If that’s not enough for you, we’re making an LS (yup, that stands for «Ludicrous Speed») version that’s even faster. And even with the new charger, you probably won’t be carrying it around much, since the new Pixel has 12 hours of battery life.* When you do need to top up, it’s fast-you’ll get up to two hours of battery life with just 15 minutes of charging.*

Shop for the Pixel and more at the Google Store
We’ve been selling our devices on Google Play for years, but as we’ve added more products to the family, we thought it was time to make it easier for you to learn more about them. So today we’re also launching the Google Store, the new home for the latest devices made with Google.

At store.google.com, you can shop Nexus phones and tablets, Chromecast and Chromebooks, learn more about newer technology like Android Wear, Nexus Player and Nest, and stock up on accessories like cases, keyboards and chargers. You’ll see how the Google apps you already know-like Search, Maps and YouTube-work seamlessly with all these products. The Google Store is available on your phone, tablet, or laptop, and right now you’ll get free shipping on everything** (consider it our way of saying hello).

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